Par 3 Selects Serfwerks to Create Corporate Brand

November 19, 2009, SALT LAKE CITY –  Par 3 Landscape and Maintenance has selected Serfwerks for its corporate branding campaign. The branding initiative will involve the creation of marketing collateral for all customer touch points including a new website.

Serfwerks co-founder, Nate Gibby said, “We are happy to be on board with Par 3. They are one of the premier landscape and maintenance companies in the western United States. ” Continue reading

10 Well Branded and Positioned American Businesses

Now that we have made the distinction between branding and positioning abundantly clear – what are the best branded and positioned American companies in our opinion?

Keep in mind that magazines like Fortune, Business Week, and Forbes have scads of lists that tell you how good or successful businesses are at all kinds of things. This list is different in that it comes from the collective experience and perspective of marketing people. Who better to dissect a brand or position?

We chose companies that stand for something. Not the kind of stand for something that means they donate lots of money to charity (though several of these companies do a good job at that). We are talking about standing for something in the minds of their customers and prospects.

These businesses are worth looking at if you are looking for case studies about proper branding and positioning strategy.

Here is our 2009 List: Continue reading

Branding or Positioning

t_newhard_kDo you know the difference between the branding and positioning? Perhaps you use them interchangeably. Perhaps you use them instead of the word marketing. Let me posit that the two words mean different things.

First of all, why does it seem like I care so much about semantics? It seems like I care because I do care. For this reason: where there is a lack of common language progress cannot be achieved. Continue reading

Choosing a Design, Marketing or Ad Agency

Choosing an appropriate design, marketing or ad agency is important – more important than what drapes to hang in your living room and more important than many things that might keep you from putting in the proper amount of research and thought.

These days price is definitely a factor, however, the adage “you get what you pay for” most times applies. The standard has been to find an agency that either touts itself, has big clients, or has been given some fancy award – but there are some small boutique gems who really know their stuff. They offer big agency services and expertise at boutique shop rates. The point here is that picking an agency should be about picking the best agency for you, not just the best, biggest, or most decorated agency. Continue reading

Talk is Cheap and Not Talking Can Be Very Expensive

I can’t think of a better example of the total being greater than the sum of the parts than when sales and marketing are working together. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way it normally happens. In many companies it is “sales” and “marketing” and not “sales and marketing.” My point is not that sales and marketing don’t communicate.  I am referring to the lack of coordination and collaboration beginning with the first step and continuing through the company’s life.

In my experience, the shortcoming is rarely the result of people in either organization not wanting to work with the other. What I have typically seen is the opposite. Sales is looking for help from marketing and marketing would like a little assistance from the sales people in the field.  So, although they want to work together and may be talking, why isn’t there more collaboration going on? Continue reading

Not-So-Heralded Social Media for Business

t_newhard_kSocial Networking has become quite the thing, and it has happened quickly. I can still recall that when I was in college Facebook was just starting to become popular, it now has over 300 million members. Every eight days Facebook grows a Twitter worth of people (about 10M people).

Why does social networking matter for you, the business person? These things are for kids, right? Sort of.  Some social networking sites are for “kids,” but others work like extensions of your “in-person” business network. Is networking important to your business? If it isn’t, it should be. Social media is a way for you to take your business network to the next level by providing you with millions of prospective customers to engage while developing your value perception.

Many social networking sites are for connecting friends and family, like Facebook, but there are several sites set up to help you network with worldwide and local business communities. These are sites that encourage business networking, so you need not be afraid of promoting yourself and making connections for business sake. Continue reading

Unbounded Creativity part II- The Solution

Data are the solution.

As good as creativity is, and believe me it is good, there is an easy solution for keeping it in check. The solution is appropriate data, both competitive and consumer or constituent, to drive the creative process. Michael Behe said, “The conclusion of design flows naturally from the data; we should not shrink from it; we should embrace it and build on it.” Data are the first step toward making marketing accountable as well as making it perform significantly better. Continue reading