Agency Background

Revolutionizing Marketing Thinking

After decades of collective internal and agency marketing experience, we at Serfwerks became increasingly discontent with the traditional marketing/advertising/design agency model. For years we consumed the culture of selling & developing marketing campaigns and projects, blissfully unaware of greater business realities and too afraid of the answers to the more difficult questions. Upon taking jobs in internal marketing departments, those previously camouflaged realities began to creep ever so subtly into our periphery. Now, rather than blindly developing marketing campaigns and collateral that were just cool or creative, campaigns and collateral need to contribute to the bottom line.

“For years, marketers walked into budget meetings like neighborhood junkies. They couldn’t justify how they spent past handouts—they just wanted more money…But those heady days of blind budget increases are fast being replaced with a new mantra: measurement and accountability.”
— Brady Diane and David Kiley, Business Week

Accountability and Results

We determined that marketing should be as accountable for its performance as any other function within an organization. If the sales guys don’t sell, they get fired. If marketing doesn’t produce results, it starts on a new campaign. So, we determined to build the tools necessary to make marketing accountable for its performance without sacrificing good design all while achieving significantly improved results.

Founded in 2006 by Natalie Themm and Nate Gibby, Serfwerks provides cutting-edge marketing and award-winning design expertise to help business achieve results. We not only help you understand if your marketing is working, but we also help you significantly improve your marketing’s performance to affect your bottom line.

Since our founding, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies of nearly all industry and size. From the start up and non-profit to the highly technical big business, our repertoire of marketing, graphic design and website development has covered the spectrum. Our diverse experience has provided opportunities to provide guest lectures for several universities, teach marketing courses for professionals, and judge entrepreneurial competitions.

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