Jeff Themm Hired as Serfwerks’ Director of Business Development

April 1, 2009, MURRIETA, CALIF—Today Serfwerks announced that it has hired Jeff Themm as its director of business development. Looking to improve its efforts in recruiting new business, Serfwerks sought to find a seasoned sales professional who understood the marketing and design process. As a member of Serfwerks’ board of directors, Themm has been involved with Serfwerks on some level since its founding. He also brings more than a decade of sales expertise having worked for companies such as Xerox and Property Pages, the San Jose-based real estate publication.

“We are pleased to have Jeff on board in this capacity,” said Serfwerks’ co-founder Nate Gibby. “Not only is Jeff expert in the business development process, but is also one of the most pleasant and gregarious people you will ever meet. He will be instrumental in our company’s growth.”