Marketing-philes Unite

Serfwerks is committed to changing the way businesses market themselves and how professional marketers do marketing. Over the past few years we have done this by providing our clients with outsourced marketing services, market research and marketing consulting services. By doing these things we have helped our clients recognize significantly high returns on their marketing investments.

Over the past few months we have been packing our proprietary processes, experience, knowledge, and skills into training courses that can be taken in-person or over the internet. These courses have been designed by a team of marketing and instructional design professionals with dozens of years of experience. Our objective is to create a training product that bridges the gap between knowing and doing — helping our training clients realize a high return on their training investment.

Now we reckon we are on the right path, but we’d like to gather some market data to help us fine tune things before releasing a live version of our courses later this year.

The link provided below will take you to a “5-min or less” survey, please help us help you by filling it out. We’ll make it worth your while by producing the best marketing training you’ll ever encounter on the planet earth and entering your name in a raffle for a $50 iTunes gift card.