Serfwerks to Unveil Marketing Training Products

Today Serfwerks announced that it is set to unveil a series of marketing training for marketing professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business owners. Focusing on several different components of the marketing function, the training will consist of a series of workshops focused on helping businesses achieve significantly improved marketing results. The workshops will include subjects such as marketing metrics, the 360º Environmental Analysis (internal, customers, competition, etc.), go-to-market strategy development, marketing performance evaluation, and campaign optimization among others.

Serfwerks is also pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Sales Sigma Consulting to provide a workshop series that will help the marketing & sales functions improve the integration of their disparate processes to deliver improved marketing & sales results. Topics will include the organizational alignment, performance management, understanding your ideal customer criteria, and more.

The workshops will be delivered at various locations throughout the Salt Lake metro area. The workshops will also include a series that can be customized and delivered to an individual organization.

“The new training products represent a huge step forward for Serfwerks,” said Nate Gibby, Serfwerks’ co-founder and director of marketing services. “They will provide small to medium-sized business with the marketing strategies, practices and tools that were previously available only to big business with large, sophisticated marketing departments and technologies.”

More information about Serfwerks’ marketing training services will be released soon. In the mean time, those interested can sign up for more information.