Serfwerks Unveils Web Site

June 15, 2009, SALT LAKE CITY—Today Serfwerks released the first version of its long-awaited Web site. After two years of putting their clients first, Serfwerks finally hunkered down and cranked out its own Web site.

“It’s about time. For the past two years now we’ve developed numerous client Web sites without have one of our own.” said Nate Gibby, Serfwerks co-founder. “Our goal is to not just tell our clients how to market themselves, but to show them. This site is one of the first steps in doing so.”

The first iteration of the site includes information about the company’s services and philosophy, including Flash-based portfolios and case studies. As the site grows, it will become a resource of marketing information and case studies. It will also allow Serfwerks’ clients and other visitors to exchange ideas and information to help them improve their marketing practices.