Marketing-philes Unite

Serfwerks is committed to changing the way businesses market themselves and how professional marketers do marketing. Over the past few years we have done this by providing our clients with outsourced marketing services, market research and marketing consulting services. By doing these things we have helped our clients recognize significantly high returns on their marketing […]

The Importance of Knowing Your Position

Please use your imagination as you look at the bullet list below. The list is describing a car; try to imagine what it looks like, how much it would cost, and who would make it: Large-sized luxury sedan 4.6 liter V-8 engine Adjustable air suspension Reclining, heated, cooled, and messaging rear seats Adaptive HID headlights […]

Serfwerks Presents at SBDC

Serfwerks will be teaching the strategic marketing workshop through the Small Business Development Center at Utah Valley University on Wednesday, August 4, 2010. Topics covered include, marketing performance analysis, customer segmentation, positioning, branding, competitive analysis, and performance measurement.

Automobile Owners Unite

At Serfwerks, we are presently assisting a client by researching the attitudes and behaviors of automobile owners regarding the maintenance and repair of their vehicle(s). As such, if you own a car, we need you. Please take a few minutes to take a brief survey to gauge your thoughts about car maintenance and repair. Your […]

Marketing and Brain Orientation

marketers who can successfully understand the orientation (left- vs. right-brained) of their target audiences and then draft a strategy (factual/evidence vs. emotional) that appeals more appropriately to that audience will find that they are more successful in engaging their audiences through the marketing function.

The Maturation of Social Media Marketing

Wow! Social Media sure is popular. And its use as a marketing vehicle has greatly accelerated as social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have been inundated with Babyboomers. In fact, the research organization Forester predicts that spending on social media marketing will soon outpace spending for email marketing (which is in some […]