SEO and Your Marketing Strategy

Free traffic specifically comes from implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies on your web pages. Does it really work? How can you know what the search engines are looking for? Those are great questions. You are about to get some answers.

The Proliferation of Meaningless and Mindless Marketing, A Love Story, Part 2

In order to keep us from becoming pre-occupied biological multitaskers our bodies learn to ignore certain types of stimuli or make the reaction to some stimuli automatic. Our senses adapt in order to help us consciously focus on the important things like being thirsty, hungry, and sleepy….Advertising will never be important enough that we place it in front of eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Par 3 Selects Serfwerks to Create Corporate Brand

November 19, 2009, SALT LAKE CITY –  Par 3 Landscape and Maintenance has selected Serfwerks for its corporate branding campaign. The branding initiative will involve the creation of marketing collateral for all customer touch points including a new website. Serfwerks co-founder, Nate Gibby said, “We are happy to be on board with Par 3. They are one of the […]

10 Well Branded and Positioned American Businesses

Now that we have made the distinction between branding and positioning abundantly clear – what are the best branded and positioned American companies in our opinion? Keep in mind that magazines like Fortune, Business Week, and Forbes have scads of lists that tell you how good or successful businesses are at all kinds of things. […]

Choosing a Design, Marketing or Ad Agency

Choosing an appropriate design, marketing or ad agency is important – more important than what drapes to hang in your living room and more important than many things that might keep you from putting in the proper amount of research and thought. These days price is definitely a factor, however, the adage “you get what […]