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Mälstrom Salon

KPIs & Marketing Performance Optimization

Mälstrom Salon is a Salt Lake City-based hair salon providing beauty- and hair-related services and products. As a prototypical small business, the salon was founded over a decade ago by a married couple who had met while working for another salon. Following the departure of several key stylists, the salon saw a sharp decrease in sales and employed Serfwerks to help it get to the next level.


Sample of Holiday Campaign Collateral

Quantitative Marketing Performance

Serfwerks performed an internal audit of stylists regarding their opinions of the sales process and client experience. Combining the insight gathered from the employee study with the findings of a detailed quantitative performance analysis, Serfwerks developed a marketing strategy to position the salon as the salon that helps its customers become something more.

This position was a stark contrast to many of its competitors who had established positions as either ultra edgy or weird, all of which were turn-offs to Mälstrom’s core audience.

Poster Used to Promote Product Holiday Sales

Significantly Improved Marketing Results

To best appeal to it’s core customers, the new strategy developed by Serfwerks focused on helping women “be” what they want to be. The new brand portrayed the salon as sophisticated, fashionable, and attractive. The strategy used low-cost advertising, networking, and local event promotional tactics to get in front of the target audience within a pre-defined geographic segment.

After implementing only a portion of the strategy, Mälstrom saw significantly high revenues in six of the following eight months.

Postcard used as part of the Holiday Campaign

Endurance Sports Show

Starting from Scratch

Any time a company evaluates whether to become an exhibitor at a trade show, its primary concern is to be able to connect with their target audience. While well-established trade shows are a de facto line item of an exhibitor’s marketing budget, committing to a show with no history is a lot more risky. That created a bit of a dilemma for the first-year Endurance Sports Show as it needed to convince exhibitors to participate, even though it had no history. The Endurance Sports Show needed to prove to vendors that its event was sure to attract enough attendees that exhibitors couldn’t forego the opportunity.

“Serfwerks perfectly communicated our message and told the story about our industry perfectly.” —Shawn Snow, co-founder

Proposal Cover Close Up

Implementation of Marketing Strategy in Branding

Proposal Cover

Final Solicitation Proposal featured a Stitch Binding

Act Like You’ve Been There Before

The Endurance Sports Show contracted with Serfwerks to develop its branding and vendor marketing strategy. Instead of simply touting the benefits of exhibiting at the show, the marketing strategy we developed harnessed the passion of the athletes who participate in endurance sports. Runners don’t just like running—they practice it as religion. Triathletes don’t train for fun, for them a triathlon is a vehicle to defy the limits of human performance.

Not only did Serfwerks develop the branding for the event featuring, but also developed a vendor solicitation proposal that was used to solicit participation from prospective exhibitors.

“The marketing material Serfwerks created helped open doors and lead to new sponsorships and sales that we would not have had otherwise.”—Shawn Snow, co-founder

Interior Spread

Interior Spread in the Proposal

Another Interior Spread

Another Interior Spread in the Proposal

Swimming Demonstration

Attendees Viewing Demonstration

Dental Treatment Infographic

When needing to do something to fix a diseased tooth, patients are forced to make treatment decisions that could impact the rest of their life. With many complicated and technical variables to take into consideration, patients are frequently ill prepared to make the best decision for their unique needs.

“For there was never yet philosopher that could endure a toothache patiently.” -Shakespeare

Consequently, this infographic simplifies the various dental treatment options by visualizing the alternatives and their respective variables in an easy-to-follow, aesthetically pleasing flow chart. The strategy enables the endodontist to build value for the referring dentist by allowing customization of the infographic’s branding to match that of the referring dental office.

Infographic Front

Front of Infographic Displaying Treatment Options

Infographic Back

Back of Infographic Displaying Treatment Costs & Considerations

Treasure Valley Endodontics Brochure

Even highly trained medical and dental specialists, such as an endodontist, have to compete for a scarce number of referrals from general dentists. However, when competing in something as highly technical as a complicated root canal surgery, how does one specialist create differentiation from other competing specialists?

Cover of Treasure Valley Endodontics Patient Education Brochure

Where many endodontists simply try to stay in front of dentists, Serfwerks helped Treasure Valley Endodontics develop strategies and tools to create meaningful differentiation. Rather than just claiming to partner with dentists in providing excellent care, Serfwerks’ marketing strategy went further. Treasure Valley Endodontics provided tools and strategies to both help dentists grow their practice and provide educational materials to help patients make better decisions about their dental care. Going further to actually help the dentists goes a lot further than simply sending gifts.

Interior Spread of Treasure Valley Endodontics Patient Education Brochure

Canyon View Women’s Care Marketing Strategy

Obstetric Marketing

Yes, even obstetricians need to grow their practices, as finding pregnant women to patronize your clinic can be a difficult and expensive endeavor. Where previously marketing efforts had been limited to grass-roots efforts that simply touted, the clinic’s location and services, Canyon View Women’s Care contracted with Serfwerks to evolve its marketing sophistication and help the clinic present itself as the most desirable option in the area to have a baby.

Proposal Cover Close Up

The Product Life Cycle Applied to Obstetric Marketing

Understand Your Audience

Serfwerks began by researching the preferences and perceptions of women regarding their patronage of an obstetrician. The study found that approximately 80% of patients found their obstetrician based on a recommendation from a trusted friend of family member. Although the most effective at driving behavior, word-of-mouth is also the most difficult marketing vehicle to affect.

The study also found that 60% of the patients surveyed had switched obstetricians at least once. The most frequently cited reason for switching was a negative interaction with the obstetrician.

Proposal Cover Close Up

Findings from Patient Study Revealing Method of Selecting Obstetrician

Redefine the Category

When you compete in a very mature and established industry, you must find ways of differentiating yourself by re-inventing the category (see the Product Life Cycle image above). Where so many patients get treated as though they were just another number, Serfwerks’ strategy was based on creating an exceptional experience for the expectant mother. Juxtaposed to the way so many doctors treat their patients, Canyon View Women’s Care would deliver an exceptional experience by showing proper appreciation and respect for their role in one of the most important events in the life of a mother. They would also go the extra mile to celebrate the baby’s life in a way that would allow the mother to share her experience at Canyon View Women’s Care on her terms. That included a Canyon View-branded gender reveal card, complimentary photographs of the newborn baby, a photo time lapse showing the bump and more. These items provide unmatched opportunities for the patient to introduce Canyon View Women’s care to friends and family without awkward conversations or shameless sales pitches.

Proposal Cover Close Up

Scratch-off Gender Reveal Card Given to Patients to Share with Family & Friends

A Significant Difference

Preliminary reports indicate that the expectant mothers were delighted by not only the newfound approach of the medical personnel, but the photographs and the gender reveal cards were a huge hit.

Proposal Cover Close Up

Notecard Obstetricians Use to Write a Note to Patient After Preliminary Visit

Volotis Brochure

Turning Dreams Into Reality—At Least for a Day

Eyeing a Ferrari 458 is enough to make a grown man weep—out of both sheer awe and, for most, the realization fo what is well out of reach. Although you may not ever own a Ferrari, Volotis enables you to drive one for a day.

Volotis turned to Serfwerks to develop branding and marketing collateral to help it market its super car rental service. The logo designed featured minimalist elements to portray a progressive and sophisticated brand.

Proposal Cover Close Up

Logo Design

The Volotis brochure’s square shape instantly distinguishes it from your standard piece of print collateral. Featuring a string binding and motion blurred photography, the brochure truly communicates the sophistication of the service offering. The headlines appropriately portrayed the exhilaration of driving the super cars available.

Proposal Cover Close Up

Cover of Volotis Brochure

Proposal Cover

Interior Spread of Volotis Brochure

Interior Spread

Additional Interior Spread of Volotis Brochure